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Apr 19 '12

This is a letter I’m writing to the website

I sent this letter with my other hotmail account and under the pseudonym of Alice Browne.

Feel free to send them a piece of your mind. As a matter of fact, please do. These people are horrible.

God will save us all, I hope. 

But there’s no hope for you. You are undeniably the worst scum to have walked this earth. If you tell me otherwise, or show examples of worse scum than you are, I will refute your allegations and prove you again how wrong and disgusting you all are. You will burn in hell. Not the “fags”, not the “jews”, not the millions, say, billions of people you consider sinners but you. You will burn in hell for all of your hatred for God’s teaching is not to hate and persecute but to love and respect one another, regardless of their characteristics that make them who they are. You are no Christians, you are spawns of evil planted on this earth. Your hatred is the evil, your fanatism is disgustingly pathetic and you are the reason there is bad in this world. People like you should never had set foot on our Eden, however cruel and sad it turned out to be. I just can’t wait to know how you’ll feel when God will be up in heaven with all the gays and other minorities you persecute while you burn below. And the seeds of hate and delirium you plant in the children’s brains should be enough to show you how much of a scum you all are. I will not end this with “I hope you burn in Hell” because you will. A curse is engraved on all your foreheads.

Have a nice day!

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